Bill Fallon – VP Marketing at Comodo – Formerly at Audible & EasyLink Services

“When the task involves articulating and communicating the essential value of a company, product or service, David Hoffman is the best that I have ever worked with. Hoffman’s way of thinking begins by asking: ‘why should your audiences care about this?’ You find yourself engaged in a dialogue with someone who has helped executives in companies ranging from the world’s largest to startups. Someone who has created award-winning communications that moved millions of people, worldwide. Although he always has an opinion, Hoffman is very adept at hearing what you have to say and adjusting where he is going so that you feel heard. This aspect of working with him is unique and much appreciated. Good luck David Hoffman.”

Michael Freeman Founder & CEO Cocoabella 

“I head up a company that sells some of the world’s greatest chocolates–made by individual artists whom I select. My wife and I came to David recommended by a colleague, to help us articulate our value – to be used in packaging, store design, signage, print materials, YouTube videos, and radio. What we got from David was everything we expected and more. He even wrote some of our key copy lines. All working as a consultant at a moderate fee–with me providing him with a regular dose of our superb chocolates.”​

Pet Shop Santa Cruz – Reptile Store – Aaron King and Brandyn King, Owners

“David was interested in what we do. He spent about 40 minutes videotaping us and then put the results up on YouTube. It was amazing. We’ve got thousands of responses and customers. Painless, easy and successful. We didn’t really know how good a movie he was making.”

Bryant Austin – Whale Photographer

“David Hoffman approached me to make a YouTube video that would also be distributed to junior high school and high school students. We spent several hours together with his one man band video rig and the results were surprisingly wonderful. Beyond my expectations. As I understand it, junior high and high school teachers are flocking to take advantage of the video in their classrooms. Thank you David.”

​Creator, Innovator, Trusted Advisor and Communications Expert 

Katherine Reid – BioChemist – Serial Startup Chief Scientist

“I am a Ph.D. biochemist and I have worked in biotechnology /medical diagnostic industry for over 15 years. When I met David I told him of my recent personal scientific discovery, that my daughter’s autism behaviors were completely managed through diet, namely by removing all the excess glutamate (also commonly known as MSG) that is in our food. I wanted to share this information, but at this point the only way I knew how to share scientific information was through a scientific journal. David had the idea of making a video in a grocery store, a place that everyone could relate to, and post on YouTube to help others suffering from autism. I was impressed how David was able to visualize the end product and then film, edit, and message to make the final product. He has a fabulous and unique set of skills. He assembled a great story with key messaging and has helped me tremendously in reaching out to those most in need. ”

Jeffrey Munks – Executive Learning, US Navy – Founder – Arista Knowledge Systems – Language Line Services

“From using the video to create a breakthrough communication piece that won awards and opened new markets, to using his wonderfully intuitive imagination to suggest new approaches to reaching audiences, David has always been a source of actionable strategies. There are many compelling dimensions to David’s approach. The dimension I appreciate most is his candor – he knows no way to communicate other than honestly and openly. As a result, you always know where he stands and I find this helps me to better express my thoughts and desires as we engage the creation, production, and distribution of a communications effort.”

Dr. Arlene Noodleman – CEO Healthstyle

“As the marketing head of AgeDefy Dermatology and now the founder of HealthStyle, I need media to express my company’s value proposition. In the past I have hired David to do the heavy lifting communications. But he always goes way beyond that, giving me language and thinking that enhances my own. Sometimes he is provocative. And usually quite blunt. So I hold onto my chair and ride with him on a journey that always ends up with me more successful in achieving my goals.”​

Small Business Clients

Alberto Aquino Alejandro – Co-Founder Helio Solutions Inc. Also with Fooey In and Xenter Inc.

“Hoffman’s techniques on how companies, people, and their stories CAN BE HEARD and FELT, is nothing short of brilliant! I have often tried to understand how David does what he does. After observation, it becomes glaringly simple. He LISTENS! I mean; HE REALLY LISTENS, to people and situations. But more importantly he listens and stays absolutely true to the soul of their stories and not just to the “interesting” parts, but also to the mundane stuff that actually ends up being the golden nuggets of their stories.”

Contact: ​(831) 425-2527