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I like this document because it is the way my LabTV colleague entrepreneur Jay Walker likes to think out new businesses. With a Q&A that is regularly being updated.


I have this pasted on my wall and read it daily

Disruptive Award

In April 2014, I received a distinguished Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award. Of all the awards I have received in my life, I prize this one is special for it speaks to an attitude and a philosophy.

With Scott Cook at TED

Although I have never worked with Intuit’s Scott Cook, I admire him and seek his counsel whenever possible.

Early Handheld Ad

I have supported the concept of handheld film and video since the start of my career. This is an advertisement placed about me in 1966.

Jay and David at TedMed

This is the moment that TEDMED curator Jay Walker and I launched LabTV.

4 Page Brochure

Explains LabTV simply


My family and I visiting Alcatraz in San Francisco

Handheld 2013

This is one of my professional rigs that I have used for corporate videos, TV commercials, and documentaries.

about david hoffman.pdf

Jay Walker made this brochure for me in .pdf form

David Hoffman Now

At the Air and Space Museum

My sons and I at my favorite museum in Washington DC

Currently I devote most of my time to a Jay Walker startup–LabTV where I am its executive producer.
Look at the Q&A below for a basic description.

I spend time with my 13-year-old son on his new new game company – Eternal Games – that is creating
server based, multi-player games under Garry’s Mod.

I also support 4 start-ups doing marketing strategy, positioning, and key messaging.

They are:

Harvest Composites – Re-purposing carbon fiber waste creating drone robot parts.
Founded by longtime colleague, Will Duggan

Intelligent Portal Systems – founded by serial entrepreneur (founded 7 companies) Dr. David Russell.

Chiliad – I consult to my long-time friend and colleague, Christine Maxwell, one of the company’s founders.

Mainstreets.com – a Santa Cruz start-up founded by local colleagues creating a system for smaller towns to help small businesses find and motivate their customers.

With Megan Smith at TED
With my longtime colleague and friend in 2014. I worked with Megan Smith, currently CTO of the USA, at General Magic, and at her start-up Planet Out, and I consulted to her at Google when she was head of new business development.

Hoffman Tales of Truth

A recent newspaper article on me

Contact: ​(831) 425-2527