Donnetta Campbell – The Barnyard Group Chief Innovation Officer

“In building The Barnyard Group I sought out the best and the brightest in each industry that we needed. I was fortunate to find a visionary communicator named David Hoffman. I call on him regularly and he dialogues about our vision, talents, and strategies that have helped us articulate what we are now offering to every brand CMO in today’s content rich global marketplace. David is a thoughtful, digital savvy storytelling “genius.” I am pleased to recommend David to any possible project. It will be better from his participation. And although he doesn’t always say what is easy to hear, he is a joy to work with.”​

Agency and Social Media Clients

Contact: ​(831) 425-2527

Judy Shapiro – CEO engageSimply – formerly at tech companies large and small – AT&T – Bell Labs – Lucent Comodo & Paltalk

“I first hired David Hoffman when I was CMO at Paltalk. My goal was to work with David to create messages that opened doors to new corporate advertising clients. David did both superbly. Since I have founded my agency, EngageSimply. I now use David to help me to articulate my thinking and marcom as well. What I find is that when I am at a point where I just can’t “get it right,” speaking with David and having David express on paper my thinking and add his own, changes and improves my expressions. David is invaluable at this.”

Andrew Mueller – Social Media

“I know David Hoffman as communications master who is especially genius with YouTube video. David understands how people think and what they need to hear when what you have to offer matters to them — in fact he is brilliant at this. He was one of the first to use Google Adwords successfully and has advised corporations large and small on how best to reach and motivate their key audiences. As a strategic marketing consultant, I pride myself on my knowledge of the various ways to use social media to reach and influence customer audiences. When it comes to YouTube, I consult with David. I know no one who has a better grasp on the YouTube Network than David Hoffman. And one more thing — you can always depend on him to say what he thinks.”

Rick Keating – Founder and CEO, Keating Communications NYC

“David Hoffman is a mentor to me. I am in the business of communication. They call me a public relations expert but my work goes far beyond that. On more than a dozen occasions, I have called on David to help me to articulate what my client needs to communicate to have success. Some times that involves his using his superb filmmaking skills. Other times, it is writing on paper that I need. Other times, it is just face-to-face or phone dialogue. For all of these, I have used and will continue to use David for his unique capabilities and his blunt but wonderful points of view. You can depend on David Hoffman and his team to stay with you and your client from the start of a concept through its distribution to target audiences and the analysis of its results. He understands how to begin, to produce, and to complete a project.

One other thing. I am decidedly an East Coast guy. David comes from the East Coast and although he has been out in California for a long time now, he maintains those East Coast sensibilities that I know so well. I would call him an East Coast/West Coast fellow who can communicate on both coasts and bring people together so that they can communicate with each other was successfully.”​

​Creator, Innovator, Trusted Advisor and Communications Expert 

Barak Kassar – Rassak Communications

“David brings something to the currency of corporate communications that is usually reserved for the big-budget TV commercial. That is the perfect marriage of message strategy and emotion. The results of David’s ability to hear and articulate stories that influence positive change. Though in some ways we “compete” I find myself calling on David to work with me on behalf of my clients.”